Saturday, February 23, 2008

WEHOO... I am a LD!

Laid-back Doer (LD) ( Take the free test and determine your personality type!)

The laid-back doer is a friendly, happy person. He enjoys being together with other people. Smart, eloquent, witty and charming, he likes to be the centre of attraction. He does not like to be alone. His zest for life ensures that others feel well in his company and that he quickly gets to know people. The laid-back doer gets the best out of every moment - many people of this type have a gift for making their whole life one big party. Boredom is unknown in his presence because he is very good at carrying others away with his enthusiasm, his good mood and his optimism.Abstract thinking and profound philosophising about the meaning of life appeal less to the laid-back doer. He is pragmatic, realistic and lives completely in the here and now. At work too, he prefers it when it’s all go and he can act out his purposeful manner to the full. He has no problem handling several tasks at once and he blossoms out in crisis situations! A varied field of activity with a lot of social contacts is just the right thing for him. One will also seldom find him inactive in his spare time; due to his open, curious nature, he mostly has many hobbies and interests. He is not afraid of the unknown: as he is flexible and creative, he quickly adjusts to new situations and makes the best of them. He sometimes comes into conflict with strict rules or hierarchies by which he quickly feels constrained and against which he rebels.As a friend, the laid-back doer is a generous, helpful person who attaches great importance to harmonious relationships and a good atmosphere. His sociable manner means that he has a large circle of friends and he loves having the house full of many different types of guest. He is happy to give in to his spontaneous moods and fancies in the just one or two important things. This makes him appear somewhat unpredictable to those with a quieter nature. When it really matters, you can rely on him one hundred percent. As a partner, he is creative, impetuous and imaginative - as long as his partner knows how to fascinate him. He can hardly stand boredom or routine in a relationship. He does not like conflicts at all; if a relationship becomes too strenuous or involves too much effort, he tends to withdraw from the partnership and start to look for a new partner. However, if one manages to keep his curiosity alive in the long term and surprise him again and again, one has a loyal and loving partner.

Adjectives which describe your type: extroverted, practical, emotional, spontaneous, enthusiastic, friendly, playful, lively, talkative, nonchalant, tolerant, happy, pleasant, generous, flexible, wily, attractive, relationship-oriented, generous, adventurous, fun-loving, creative, helpful, action-loving, casual, sociable, open, sensitive, touchy, erratic, curious, noncommittal, action-loving

These subjects could interest you: going out, dancing, parties, cinema, eating out, sport and travel (club holidays), music, trekking, camping, hiking, cooking, handicrafts, nature

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